Types of Additions to Increase Your Home’s Value





However, other types of home additions are designed to add new space to your home, not repurpose it. If you’re looking to add square footage, consider some of the following remodeling ideas:

Rental Space

Being able to rent out an apartment on your own property is a very lucrative endeavor. While you may front a large amount of money, the revenue that the space generates will pay you back quickly.

Many renters prefer to have a landlord or property manager on the premises to help with emergencies or maintenance issues. Having a rental property physically attached to your own home is also an added convenience as a landlord.

In-Law Apartment

If you don’t need additional income, but do have an aging parent or loved one, it is a worthwhile idea to build an in-law apartment. Caring for an elderly person who lives alone can be extremely difficult while managing a life of your own. Home care is especially beneficial to an aging individual, so if you are able to provide a space for them to maintain a level of independence while also receiving supervised care, that’s good for everyone!

Even if you may not stay in your current home forever, the new in-law suite could also be marketed as rental space for future homeowners.

Outdoor Recreation Areas

When the weather is cooperative, it is nice to be able to entertain yourself and guests outside in a new sitting space. Decks, patios, and porches are common types of outdoor sitting space.

A deck will allow you to entertain outside with ease, as you won’t have to walk downstairs to deliver food to your guests. Many people who decide to build decks build them right off of the kitchen to better the flow of service.

Patios can be used for more large scale entertainment and can be fitted with high-end appliances and accessories to make a more unique space. Fire pits, outdoor fire places, as well as outdoor kitchens are great additions to the home for people who host outdoor parties often.

Porches often serve more aesthetic purposes than functional ones. A porch, depending on the size, can fit chairs, plants, or swings, to provide a relaxed space to read the Sunday paper and sip morning coffee.


Being able to pull your vehicle into a garage can protect it from weather elements like snow, hail, and wind. When your car is out in the open, it’s much more prone to damage. While a garage will keep cars safe, it also functions as added storage for outdoor equipment that you do not want to keep in the home, or even as a workshop for those who are more handy.


Like a garage, a basement’s primary function is storage. However, there are so many more liberties that one can take with a basement remodeling project. Finished basements that are insulated and have been equipped with proper plumbing can be transformed into home theaters, bars, lounges, or additional living rooms. Some people choose to create home gyms in their finished basements; the possibilities are endless.

These popular types of home additions are certainly not set in stone, and it’s possible to create a space that is totally different than what has been said above.

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