6 Things You Should Donate Instead of Throwing Out During Your Renovation

When it comes to home remodeling tips, information can be found just about anywhere. Whether you are one of the 60% of people planning to redo their bathroom, or one of the 35% looking to redo their entire home, the planning stage can be stressful. Contrary to belief, you don’t have to throw out everything during the renovation process that is being replaced or no longer used. Here are a few things that can be donated instead of tossed out.

Sinks, toilets, and bathtubs

Often times, these items find themselves in landfills when they could be put to use elsewhere. Many people like the look of vintage fixtures found at architectural salvage stores for their own projects. Before donating, make sure the bathtub or sink does not have any stains or chips in the porcelain.


One of the most replaced items in home remodeling are the cabinets. Over the years they can become outdated, but by donating your old cabinets, they can still be used for other projects if in good condition. Some people use donated goods in their own kitchen remodeling. It’s amazing what a good sanding and fresh coat of paint can do.

Working appliances

Appliances that are still working but are being replaced are great items to donate instead of throw away. Things like refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines in clean, working order are big sellers at most salvage stores. Sometimes, secondhand stores like Goodwill help to find these appliances a new home.

Doors and windows

Believe it or not, doors and windows are very popular items to be donated and bought from salvage locations. There are plenty of DIY sites that use doors for things like desks and windows for hanging accessories and other crafts. Be sure to check for any holes or damages before donating.


As many people already know, lumber can be used for just about any and all home remodeling ideas that come to mind. The important thing is to make sure that there are no nails or exposed screws attached to the wood. Larger pieces can be donated to a salvage shop while smaller pieces are usually accepted by woodworking classes. More than half of buyers are willing to pay extra for hardwood floors and can install their own using your donated lumber and wood flooring.


Many companies that specialize in home remodeling services say that one of the best home remodeling tips is to donate and find light fixtures from secondhand or salvage stores. The demand for working light fixtures is high but homeowners still save money.

Whether you are remodeling to sell or giving your home a new look, you can be sure to find home remodeling tips to help you along the way. One way to feel better about the tons of waste you’ll have during the remodel is to recycle or donate many of those items. Not only will they be out of your way, but they’ll find a new home to thrive in.

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